About Laura M. Snider

Hello and welcome to my website.

I am Laura Snider – a writer, lawyer, runner. I am the wife to one, step-mother to two, daughter to four, sister to six, and aunt to eight (and counting).

I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and raised in Topeka, Kansas. There were seven children in my household – 3 full blood siblings, one of which is my twin, and three step-siblings. We were a large, rambunctious family, and still are, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am very close to my family, which translates into my writing as they are the inspiration to many of my stories.

I attended Seaman High School (yes, that’s unfortunately the name to an actual school), graduating in 2003. I went on to attend Washburn University for an undergraduate degree in Political Science (yes, that’s unfortunately the worthless degree I chose to pursue), and am a 2009 graduate of the Drake University school of law (yes, I unfortunately chose a career in one of the most hated fields available).

My area of legal practice has, up to now, been criminal. I started my career as a prosecutor, then switched sides after two years and became a defense attorney. I worked for the Public Defender’s Office for over five years, and I would be a fool to say the experience hasn’t influenced my writing. I have seen countless injustices within the criminal justice system both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney (more so as a defense attorney) and have written some pieces that are intended to shed some light on that subject.

While my career has been in law, my passion has been in books. I started reading like an obsessed psycho hermit five or six years ago because I needed a way to escape the stresses of the legal profession. I particularly focused on fantasy novels – the more magical the better – and have branched out from there. Now, in addition to reading, I write my own stories. Which is the purpose of this website – to share those stories. Enjoy.

– Laura M. Snider