Set in the City of London, a boring businessman finds himself choosing between his fiancé and a dying girl who desperately needs his help. His choice transports him to a separate London, London Below, and erases his existence from London above.

London Below is a bazaar, dangerous town, where rats are kings and promises are currency. The boring business man, Richard Mayhew, finds the girl that brought him to London Below and they embark on a dangerous and mysterious quest to find her parent’s killers.

The book is full of excitement – they meet monsters and Marquee’s, confront death, and learn about betrayal. But if you are looking for a serious book, this is not it. It is strange – in a good way – and transports the reader out of reality into a world that makes little to no sense. There are a few questions left unanswered in the book but they are relatively minor and didn’t take away from my experience, at least.

If strange things intrigue rather than bother you, this is something you should read.